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DUNK TANK – $150


To say that today’s children, teens, and even adults have shorter attention spans than ever before is an understatement. It is not entirely their fault, however; distractions are more prevalent than ever, with phone pings, screens, and constant Internet connections driving a wedge between you and their full attention. This is not just frustrating during a family dinner, but in trying to enjoy a fun filled day together.

When you are putting together an outdoor event, party, family BBQ, or other occasion, how can you guarantee that everyone will want to be there? It would take a little out of the box event planning, but there is one sure-fire way to engage your crowd.
One of the most unique rental options that offers is our top quality dunk booths. These carnival classics are not only fun to play, but fun to be the one dunked in! In addition to helping you provide your party guests with hours of entertainment, dunk booth rentals are a great way to keep everyone cool on a hot day outside.

Part of the enduring appeal of a dunk tank is in its simple design. Just toss a ball at the bull’s eye. If you miss, the one inside of the dunk usually gives the pitcher a few friendly jeers, hoping to keep them missing, or motivate them enough to win. If the lucky thrower does land a hit on the target, down goes the person inside in a splash of refreshing water!

Dunk tank rentals are also a popular choice in game rental because they combine carnival games of chance with the tests of skill of more athletic-based games. Those who have backgrounds in playing team sports, especially football, baseball or softball, will especially enjoy practicing their throws.

Those inside the tank have nothing to fear. The targets are usually small, and when starting guests at the same point, makes it difficult to hit. Most attempts are limited to a few throws, keeping the game moving for all guests looking to try their hand.

Whether you prefer to have guests take turns being inside and outside of the dunk tank, or you prefer to have one person to dunk for everyone, this simple game can easily be converted into a variety of different game styles. Teams can compete together, and prizes can be handed out based on performance and levels of skill.