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Inflatable bounce structures are the classic backyard party icon. So why does it seem like it is next to impossible to find quality inflatable rentals? From only offering a limited selection to premium rental rates on poor quality inflatables, it seems next to impossible to have the party that you had been planning on hosting.

Party Central is the premier inflatable rental party service. Servicing the greater Lexington, KY, area, we have been providing our community with a better selection of party rental services, as well as the most affordable pricing possible. Before you wind up paying too much for a lower quality inflatable party rental, let us help you find the perfect rental for any occasion.

Many party supply choices and rental services only offer one or two inflatable rentals. Not only does this ensure that they wear out faster, but more often than not they are booked our weeks, if not months, in advance. We help you save more and enjoy more convenience by renting a variety of different party bounce structures. No matter what range of ages your party guests may be, we can guarantee that everyone will have a great time. Choose us today for your party and have better pricing on:

  • Bouncy House Rental
  • Inflatable Slide Rental
  • Inflatable Water Slide
  • Inflatable Obstacle Course
  • Inflatable Game Rental
  • And more top quality inflatable rentals for less.

From choosing a safer alternative to trampolines to recreating your favorite summer camp or carnival memories from your childhood, we can easily help you host the best party possible. Call us today and schedule your top quality inflatable party rental.

Our customers are often amazed at just how many different types of party inflatable rental options that they have. Many simply assumed that the classic bouncy house style of inflatable was all that was available. However, we are dedicated to offering a better range of inflatable choices every day, helping more area residents have their ideal outdoor party or event.

Inflatable party rentals are not just for children, either. You will always find a great selection of affordable inflatable rentals that are perfect for kids or those who are children at heart. With simple bouncing structures, inflatable slides and water slides, and challenging yet fun inflatable obstacle courses, we can recreate any type of setting that you may have had in mind.
Other party rental services are fun, but more often than not, only allow one guest at a time to use them. While the idea of a short pony ride or gyroscope ride may sound ideal at first, most of your guests are going to wind up frustrated having to wait their turn. These other rental options are also far more expensive, and when guests simply stop waiting to use them, you wind up paying for nothing.
For the best time possible for your entire gathering, you cannot go wrong with us. Call today to schedule your best inflatable rental for the best party.