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More often than not, when it comes to planning a family gathering, especially in the convenience and privacy of your home’s yard, you have thought about the refreshments, but not about providing shade. Even during the cooler months or even winter, dehydration and heat exhaustion can be a very real possibility. And nothing shuts a party down faster than needing to go to the emergency room.

Hours of running around and playing with nothing to rehydrate with except soda, and soft drinks can easily lead to guest becoming overly heated. This is particularly the case with children, who often consume tons of sugar during a fun party outdoors.

For the best way to provide an outdoor gathering that is as safe as it is fun, you need quality outdoor party tent rentals. The best selection of tents and pricing in the greater Lexington, KY, area is always Party Central. We provide more area residents with a larger variety of party rental choices, as well as the most affordable pricing possible. When you need better tent rental, party supplies, and a better choice in inflatable party rentals, we are the best choice every day.

Is seems as if party tent rentals are far more complicated than they should be. Most rental supply services only provide the dimensions of an outdoor tent, but not the usable capacity. How do you know which size is the right option for all of the guests that you are expecting?

You always want to ensure that everyone has the chance to cool off from the sun, but you also want to avoid paying too much on a size that is larger than what you need. Rather than simply guessing and hoping for the best, however, we strive to offer everyone the best solutions for their exact event planning needs. Not only will you find a better selection of available outdoor tents for rent, but our helpful, friendly staff is always willing to help explain each of your options to you. When you have the best outdoor party space possible, we know that we have done our jobs right.

If you feel that you are going to need multiple tent rentals, you may be able to save even more. By combining multiple party rentals together, we may be able to offer a bulk discount for added convenience that helps you save.

Our best quality party tent rentals are a better way to provide shade for any type of outdoor event. Whether you are setting up a temporary booth or tent for a fundraiser, need shade for a food drive, college campus job fair, or any other outdoor gathering, you will be able to enjoy hours of shade as you remain outdoors. By shielding yourself from the sun, you can still accomplish the day’s goals without fear of sun exposure.

When sunscreen is just not enough to keep you or your event guests cool and happy, call us today and schedule your best party tent rental. Call ahead – these tents go fast!


10x10 – $125

30x30 – $400

30x50 – $650

30x70 – $920

30x90 – $1,180


20x20 – $240

20x30 – $360

30x70 – $480