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Everyone has made the same mistake in event planning at one point or another. Rather than renting tables can chairs, you tell yourself that whatever furniture that you have around the house will be more than enough for everyone to use. However, by the time everyone shows up with his or her plus ones, their children, and even their entire families, you quickly run out of room for everyone to sit, relax, and most importantly, enjoy their food.

Even if in the unlikely event that you are able to seat everyone, it is often with seats in and around your home. As a result, no one is seated together, with many guests left feeling unwanted. Rather than struggle to make do with whatever tables and chairs that happen to be lying around, there is a better choice in local party supply rental services.

Party Central offers the best selection of tables, chairs, and all other party rental supplies that you need for the best gathering possible. By providing you all of the tables and chairs that you need to ensure that everyone has a place to sit, as well as a sense of belonging with the rest of the party attendees, your gathering will feel that much more comfortable and inviting.
Renting party supplies from a retail space can be pricey. It is no wonder that so many people try to avoid renting tables and chairs to save more on their event planning needs.

Unfortunately, seats and dining spaces are not the places that you want to cut back on your expenses, and this is often what can make or break a party.

How many times have you attended an event that you wound up leaving early or avoided eating anything at all, simply because there was not space for you to sit and enjoy the meal? By not renting the necessary amount of fold out tables and chairs, your guests are going to wind up experiencing this same exact feeling. Not only are they going to gripe but you are going to wind up wasting a ton of food that is going to go uneaten.

Instead, renting quality tables and chairs is a great way to invest in your party by making sure more food offerings are enjoyed, as well as making sure everyone has his or her place at the table. Your party will go from being an inconvenience to an event that no one will want to leave.

Tables and chair rentals are also the simple way to maximize the space of your yard, as well as any tents that you may be renting from us as well. You can easily transform any spot into a covered picnic pavilion, providing more shade and comfort for all of your guests to enjoy as they snack.

For the best selection of affordable and convenient folding table and chair party rentals, just give our company a call today. We will ensure that you have the perfect setup.


White Samsonite fold up chairs – $1.50


8′ Banquet tables – $8.50

5′ Round tables – $8.50